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Floor Plans. Everybody needs them. Buyers. Sellers. Brokers. Appraisers. The problem is where to find them. NYC Floorplans is a single source for your floor plan needs. The site represents the first attempt to provide the public with a floor plan site where you can view, compare, download and send individual floor plans from New York City co-ops and condominiums. While we applaud our efforts to date to best assemble these plans in an easy to use site, we apologize for its shortcomings - a library that needs to grow. That is our goal. To continue to add buildings, new and old alike, many of which will be recaptured in a high quality digital format. In time we hope that all New Yorkers will find NYC Floorplans to be synonymous with their floor plan needs.
All information regarding the floor plans is form sources deemed reliable. However neither On-Line Residential (OLR) nor OLRdigital, can assure its accuracy and bears no responsibility for any errors, omissions or misstatements. The plan is for representation purposes only and should be used as such by the prospective purchaser. All dimensions are approximate and should be re-measured for absolute accuracy.
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